Anointed Hands

Interpreting/Consulting Services for the Deaf

Lisa Warren

Native ASL User
RID Certified since 1987

Phone: 872-529-7446
VP: 317-493-0443

[email protected]


"The Verizon Wireless Music Center highly recommends Anointed Hands for any interpreting services, exclaiming the company is "very flexible and versatile [to be] able to provide services even for last minute exceptional advocate for the guest and works within the business practices of the venue."

Verizon Wireless Music Center Management

"Anointed Hands has fielded competent, qualified, skilled and caring interpreters for countless numbers of events and one-on-one sessions....Without the special touch and skills that were provided by the owner and employees of this agency, this service would not have turned into the raving success that it was noted as being. 'Lisa Warren, owner of Anointed Hands,' as a sign language instructor is patient and committed to the pupils who register for her services."

Annamaria Crider
Participant in the "Hat Service" sponsored by the Gospel Music Workshop, Indianapolis Chapter

Anointed Hands "consistenly goes above and beyond for both the organization who may have hired [them] and the community [they] serve." Anointed Hands is "extremely easy to work with and constantly exceeded my expectations. Because of their efforts, our guests from the Deaf and hard of hearing community were able to experience the event to its fullest. I would recommend Anointed Hands for any opportunity where the services may be needed. They are a valuable asset to our community, and we are very fortunate to have her in this market."

Denise J. Herd, The H2H Group, Indianapolis, IN
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