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Terms and Conditions

American Sign Language Interpreting Services

Terms of Agreement

Payment Policies: Payment is due fifteen (15) days from date on invoice via check unless otherwise agreed to in writing. We are unable to provide services to clients whose accounts are sixty (60) days delinquent.

Rights and Availability: Anointed Hands reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the number of interpreters needed for any assignment. Anointed Hands will consider any variable that would affect the interpreting outcome of the assignment (e.g. Deaf/blind, subject matter, technicality, etc). Assignments lasting longer than two (2) hours require a minimum of two (2) interpreters. Anointed Hands reserves the right to request environmental accommodations to ensure the efficacy of the interpreting process (e.g. lighting, raised platform/stage presence, etc). Anointed Hands sources interpreters on a sub-contracting basis, we cannot guarantee every request will be filled. If no interpreter is confirmed, there will be no charge.

Cancellation: Anointed Hands requires 24 hours' notice before the time of service to cancel the request. Once an interpreter is cancelled, another interpreter cannot be reserved for the same-day/time. The new request will be scheduled in the order in which it is received and may be subject to the Last-Minute Request fee. If less than minimum amount of notice is provided, the assignment (including travel charges, if any) will be billed for the entire scheduled time.

Early Dismissal: If anyone acting on behalf of the requesting organization should dismiss the interpreter(s) earlier than the time scheduled, the client will still be billed for the entire scheduled time (including travel charges, if any).

No Show: Interpreters will wait for thirty (30) minutes for Deaf consumer(s) to arrive at the location. If the consumer has not arrived, the interpreters are free to leave and the will be billed for the entire scheduled time (including travel charges, if any). If an interpreter should fail to appear, there will be no charge for the session/assignment.

Last-Minute Request: "Last-minute Requests" are non-emergency requests for interpreters initiated with less than 24 hours' notice before the start time of the assignment. Anointed Hands reserves the right to define what is and is not a "Last-Minute Request." The current Last-Minute Request fee will be assessed for requests of this type

Schedule of Fees

Quoted as rate per interpreter and minimum per interpreter.

  • General Assignments - $60 / hour - ($120 minimum)
  • Legal Assignments - $70 / hour - ($140 minimum)
  • Last-minute Request Fee - $50
  • NFS/Returned Check Fee - $35

Travel Charges

  • $0.55 per mile, roundtrip for assignments farther than 20 miles
  • Portal-to-Portal rate (see hourly rate above), roundtrip for assignments farther than 50 miles (one way)

Anointed Hands sends our invoices to you on completion of the assignment or as agreed. The invoice will contain all the pertinent information needed to pay the bill. If you have any questions concerning your invoice, please call Anointed Hands at 317-850-6696.

BY SELECTING THE CHECKBOX BELOW you confirm all the above information is correct and agree to be responsible for all charges incurred related to the interpreting assignment in accordance with Anointed Hands' price, policies and procedures as outlined. Your request for an interpreter will be pending until we have received your authorization.

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